Projects and Design Engineer

Job description

Projects and Design Engineer

Purpose of this role: The aim of the Projects and Design Engineer is to coordinate all aspects of bid preparation, execute any relevant design functions and ensure timely project implementation, within the approved budget and in accordance with contract specifications. He performs a key role in project planning, budgeting and identification of resources needed as well as project accounting functions including managing the budget, tracking expenses and minimising exposure and risk in the project. Responsibilities include achieving (and maximising) the Company’s planned budget/ financial targets, timely delivery and client satisfaction. This by ensuring that projects are cost effective, on time and in accordance with customer build specifications and quality requirements, by communicating with all the relevant team members/ other departments and coordinating all relevant inputs (people, plant and processes), and ensuring that projects have the necessary manpower (competence, skill and knowledge), plant & tooling required to achieve production targets.

Duties & Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:


• Develop an order winning strategy

• Review and manage the customer’s enquiry into a costed workable solution

• Develop costing as part of the proposal process

• Submit a detailed response to the required documentation and provide feedback to any subsequent request for clarification

• Review all the requirement details and ensure that all aspects are accounted for

• Act as project leader, taking accountability of the allocated resources team throughout the process. • Follow up on proposals submit to clients & consultants; attend resultant calls for negotiations with the client and convert such opportunities into confirmed business

• Work on network building with clients and consultants and other contractors.

• Act as the Company’s internal contact point for the client, throughout the enquiry and budding process.

• Interpret concept drawings and present design concepts to clients and other relevant stakeholders. • Handle relevant enquiries by keeping a prioritised list of outstanding tasks; monitor and review work load schedule and communicate with the Department Manager when issues are envisaged.

Design and Project Execution

• Design all aspects of projects from inception to completion of design, including costing. Ensure accurate and valued engineering during design.

• Coordinate proposal and design matters between the project stakeholders.

• Plan all aspects of project execution, from inception to post completion, including costing, design, installation, commissioning and handing over, identifying and adopting the appropriate methodology and instigating the appropriate controls. Deploy a prioritised work schedule with appropriate time deadline targets.

• Identify problems / issues and work towards resolution to ensure that project remains on track; notify manager when issues are envisaged.

• Develop & maintain relationships with all stakeholders, including clients and decision makers within the client’s company/ team, suppliers, contractors, relevant engineers, consultants etc.

• Work with the project team to develop and maintain budgets , schedules and deliverables for each project phase and functional area. Hold regular meetings with the project teams.

• Provide overall direction to relevant project teams in technical, commercial and operational matters, and general direction to various supporting departments.

• Oversee and supervise all ongoing projects under remit.

• Respond to client queries and request in a timely and efficient manner.

• Carry out regular follow-ups and keep track record accordingly.

• Maintain all engineering data actively updated.

• Ensure storing (in an easily traceable manner) of all technical and non-technical documents. including any changes in design and/or client requirements.

• Ensure that client acceptance is retained and adhered to in writing, in line with project plans.

• Clarify subsequent purchase order receipt and prepare detailed handover documentation in a timely manner.

• Ensure compliance with the Company’s management policies and procedures (SOP)

• Research new products and create new project opportunities within (upselling) and outside (cross selling) the contract scope (variations)

• Balance project time allocation, between site coordination, office work, surveys and meetings.

• Provide progress reports and notes as required.

Job requirements

  • Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Experienced in development, design, and operational coordination of technical projects, ideally in an ELV setting
  • Experienced in design and use of ACad.
  • A valid licence to drive in Malta.
  • A confident leader, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Preferably fluent in both in the English and Maltese languages

Only candidates that are readily available in Malta and in possession of a permit to start work immediately will be considered for this post.