Plumber/Pipe Fitter

Job description

    We are looking for Industrial Plumber/Pipe Fitter to join our team, to install, maintain and repair (metal) pipe systems on various large scale, industrial projects.

    The Role

    • Read and interpret drawings, blueprints and specifications to determine layout requirements, perform last planning of works
    • Cut openings for pipe in walls, floors and ceilings using hand or power tools
    • Ability to measure, cut, thread/groove metal pipes by using the hand and power tools.
    • Thread joints to join pipes and fabricate sections of piping system
    • Install supports, valves, piping, control systems and relevant equipment such as sprinklers and hose reels as per working drawings. Find alternative solutions for minor issues that arise during execution.
    • Perform system testing for leaks using testing equipment
    • Update as-fitted drawings (freehand)
    • Conduct maintenance or remove and replace worn components and reactivate system

Job requirements

  • Mechanical background and equivalent experience
  • Able to read installation drawings and take measurements, perform threading and grooving
  • Able to conduct preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and corrective maintenance related to firefighting installation, valves, deluge, sprinkler piping.
  • Capable of using of power tools such as threading/grooving machines, cutting machine such as chasers and other related power tools
  • Good verbal and written communication skills (English)
  • Experience in fire pump, fire sprinkler systems, hose reel system and/or dry - wet riser