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Resources Supervisor


We are seeking to recruit a resource supervisor  who shall aim to provide on-going support to individuals, determine their requirements and accurately assess resource needs whilst providing sufficient capacity to be in line with the company’s goals. 


Daily Basis:

  • To start the day ahead of scheduled starting time to monitor staff’s punctuality on different sites. This shall be coordinated with the site supervisors and team leader for different projects
  • Confirming with site supervisors if there were any changes which should be recorded on the site allocation 
  • Any type of leave, be it sick leave or annual leave must be recorded accurately and re-confirmed with staff accordingly
  •  Monitoring staff’s performance via attitude, concerns and workload is of crucial importance and is done through weekly site visits 
  • Translating all acquired knowledge into a set of KPI’s 
  • Monitoring of attire and replacing uniforms were necessary 
  • Monitoring and recording of staff clocking out behaviour 
  • Coordinating with the site supervisors for different projects where necessary 


Weekly Basis

  • Checking of timesheets every Monday and recording them on the site allocation and timesheet checklist
  • Checking of leave recorded on the system 
  • Passing on timesheets not later than Tuesday to be inputted on Epicor 
  • Taking into account when the end of the month is on a weekday to carry out the latter accordingly. Also, timesheets have to be submitted not later than the 2nd day of the month.
  • Checking cleanliness of vans (interior and exterior)
  • Ensuring each employee who drives a van has his vehicle checked via the hands-on system by comparing the previous week to ensure employees started and left home on time as per site allocation
  • Planning site allocations
  • Organizing and coordinating the shifting of tools with the store manager from site to site
  •  Scheduling short meetings with every project leader a month ahead and re-confirming the works that were already planned for the following week. Avoiding red hours for the installation team by following the below;
    • Is the site ready for the installation?
    • Do we need a scaffold for the works or any motorized working platform?
    • Are there any requirements from the client that we need to take care during installation?
    • Do we have a store in place?
    • Working drawing/sketch is it ready and agreed with the client? 
    • Any missing material which will affect the installation phase?
    • Are stores personnel advised to deliver the material?
    • Is the Team Leader advised about the job?
    • How many hours quoted hours have we got to complete this job? 
    • What are the time frames?
    • Do we have a budget for overtime if we need to work extra hours?


Quarterly Bases

  • Checking leave entitlement for each quarter is used or planned
  • Stocktaking of tools
  • Inspecting of vans and recording any damages


Half Yearly Bases

  • Reviewing of KPI’s with the workforce manager and employees


Other Duties

  • Selecting the right tools (quality and durability) when replacing or getting a new tool
  • Introducing new sub-contractors for possible collaboration on jobs
  • Interviewing and selecting new employees as required
  • Reviewing new methods of installations and tool requirements
  • Negotiating installation rates with sub-contractors on project bases as per project leader guidelines
  • Issuing sub-contractor receipt entries on Epicor
  • Issuing job entries for tools on Epicor
  • Requesting uniform replacements