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Extinguisher Technician


The aim of the Extinguisher Technician shall be to perform preventive maintenance on extinguishing equipment and suppression systems. In addition, jobs have to be completed according to the company’s standards within the agreed time frames and faults which may arise on all installations carried out within both customers and company premises, have to be repaired and diagnosed. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Inspect, repair, and test fire extinguishing equipment using hand tools, hydrostatic test equipment, and monitoring devices
  • Hydro-test high pressure cylinders
  • Re-fill and test extinguishers in the workshop
  • Dismantle extinguishing equipment and examine mechanical parts, extinguishing agents, and expelling means; replace worn or damaged parts
  • Clean extinguishing equipment and recharge them with approved materials
  • Inspect, test, and repair systems such as smoke detectors, sprinklers, dry stand pipe systems, and pull systems
  • Assist in fire safety inspection
  • Work with restricted movement whilst lifting and carrying heavy objects


  • Requires extreme attention to detail
  • Demonstrates confidence in his abilities and is hands on
  • Possesses good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Exhibits and practices good communication skills with clients, colleagues and superiors and system suppliers at all times
  • Is preferably Maltese and English speaking
  • Shows respect, courtesy and a positive attitude whilst taking all care for the preservation of client and company property