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Mechanical Projects & Proposals Engineer


The aim of the Engineer shall be to coordinate all aspects of the bid preparation, execute any design functions, executes the project on time, safely, within the approved budget and in accordance with the contract specifications. He/she performs a key role in project planning, budgeting, and identification of resources needed. Project accounting functions including managing the budget, tracking expenses and minimising exposure and risk in the project.


The Engineer is responsible to achieve (and maximise) the company’s planned profit targets, on time delivery and client satisfaction by ensuring that jobs are carried out, cost effectively and delivered on time in accordance to customer build specifications and quality requirements; by communicating with all the relevant team members / other departments and co-ordinating all relevant inputs (people, plant and processes) to ensure outputs on time delivery targets are achieved cost effectively; by ensuring that projects have the necessary manpower, competence & skill, knowledge, plant and tooling required in order to achieve production targets.


Main Duties:




  • Develop an order winning strategy.
  • Review and manage the customer’s enquiry into a costed workable solution
  • Develop costing as part of the proposal process.
  • Submit a detailed response to the enquire documentation and provide feedback to any subsequent request for clarification.
  • Go into all the enquire details and make sure that all aspects are accounted for.
  •  Act as a project leader during a proposal process and take accountability of all the team during the process.
  • Follow up submitted proposals with clients & consultants. Attend resultant calls for negotiations with the customer and convert those opportunities into purchase orders.
  • Work on networking building with clients and consultants and other contractors.
  • Act as the company’s internal contact point for the customer during the enquiry and bidding processes.
  • Interpret concept drawings and present design concepts to clients and other interested stakeholders.
  • Handle enquires in a busy environment, by keeping a prioritised listing of outstanding tasks. Monitors & reviews work load schedule and communicate with Manager when issues are envisaged.


Design & Project execution:


  • Design all aspects of projects from inception to completion of design including costing and ensure accurate engineering.
  • During designing, valued engineering must be carried.
  • Develop and maintain relationship with the engineers, consultants and decision makers within the customer’s organisations.
  • Maintain all data updated and ensure proper sorting of documents including client acceptance.
  • Co-ordinate proposal and design matters between the project stakeholders.
  • Respond to all customer questions & requests in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Carry out regular follow-ups and keep track record accordingly.
  • Maintain all Engineering Data updated. Any changes in designs and client requirements must be documented and filed in an easily trackable manner. Ensure client acceptance is adhered too in writing in line with the project plans.
  • Ensure proper sorting of technical and non-technical documents.
  • Clarify subsequent purchase order receipt and to prepare detailed handover documentation in a timely manner for projects. 
  • Ensure compliance with the company's management policies and procedures (SOP).
  • Research new products.
  • Create new project opportunities within (upselling) and outside (cross seling) the contract scope (Variations).
  • Provides overall direction to project teams in technical, commercial and operational matters and general direction to various support departments.
  • Plans all aspects of project execution from inception to Post completion including costing, design installation, commissioning & handing over.
  • The job varies between office work and site coordination, surveys & meetings.
  • Provide progress reports and notes as directed by the Superiors.
  • Leads a team within a demanding and dynamic environment.
  • Plans the appropriate methodology and instigates the appropriate controls.
  • Pre-plans jobs and deploys a prioritised work schedule with appropriate time deadline targets.
  • Sets, monitors & reviews work load schedule and communicate with superiors when issues are envisaged.
  • Involves and co-ordinates with all stakeholders including clients, suppliers, contractors, mangers, HOD’s....
  • Works with project teams to develop and manage budgets, schedules and deliverables for each project phase and functional area.
  • Supervises several Projects
  • Identifies and works to remove barriers to successful completion of the overall project, with particular emphasis on resolving any issues.
  • Holds regular status meetings with project team.


Quality Control


  • Oversees projects processes, equipment being used and the working environment are all conductive to producing a high quality service.
  • Oversees project activities to ensure that the appropriate methods are employed and that sufficient due care is taken in order to meet the customer’s requirements.
  • Oversees that company’s standards are being implemented accordingly (ISO, LPCB etc)


Purchasing & Inventory Management


  • Sources, negotiates and manages the purchase of materials and services.
  • Organises, plans and co-ordinates inventory management activities.
  • Oversees that sub contractors are in line with the company’s requirements.
  • Oversees the departmental purchasing function to ensure material is purchased cost effectively and oversees the inventory function / stock control to ensure raw material and product availability when required.


Human Resources


  • Liaises with the Department Manager to ensure that all recruitment and employment is well planned, structured and carried out in accordance company procedure.
  • Establishes goals and objectives for project teams and implement accordingly.
  • Promotes best practice and performance standards.
  • Identifies individual training needs.
  • Motivates and leads staff in line with the established standards of performance.
  • Coach and develop a high performance workforce.




  • Addresses any staff discipline.
  • Be of a good example.


Customer Service


  • Ensure that customer satisfaction and service levels are maintained at all projects levels.
  • Maintains proactive, dynamic and effective communication with customers at all times.
  • Offers flexible and helpful customer service to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Effective feedback.


Health & Safety


  • Promotes & maintains awareness and compliance of H&S in accordance with best practice and legal requirement.
  • Support Health & Safety officer.


Operational Performance


  • Works on his/her own initiative & operate under minimal supervision.
  • Be assertive.
  • Be accountable of assigned tasked.
  • Responsible for his/her own time management.
  • Supports management reporting, information flow and organisational planning.
  • Empowers subordinates by delegating responsibilities.
  • Is ultimately accountable and takes full responsibility for the outcome of the delegated work.
  • Financial - Reviews financial statements and data. Utilizes financial data to improve profitability. Prepares and controls project budgets.
  • Monitors and manages KPI’s.
  • Requires extreme organization skills, confidence and attention to detail.
  • Teamwork.


  1. The list of main duties and responsibilities appearing in this position description is not necessarily exhaustive nor is it necessarily in order of importance; nor is any part of this job description permanent or immutable.


  1. The job holder shall carry out his/her duties as directed by job holder’s superior;